Senior Does



DesertNanny BBB Holiday Cookie 5*M

D: GCH IronwoodRanch Peppermint Patty (Photos courtesy of Sharon Warren at DesertNanny)



S: DesertNanny BR Blueberrybuckle *B (Photo courtesy of Sharon Warren at DesertNanny)


Cookie was the first purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf that I purchased. She has given me nothing but exceptional daughters. She walked into her first show ring and accepted nothing but first place. She couldn’t beat her herd mate for that championship, but she’s a gorgeous girl. I love her.

Show wins:

First place 5 year old doe at Pima County Fair April 2018

First place aged doe at SADGA Caprine Classic 2018



Carina udder

DesertNanny UMA Carina Nebula 4*M AR (Pedigree)

(Udder photo courtesy of Sharon Warren at DesertNanny)

D: DesertNanny JK Black Pearl 3*M AR (Photo courtesy of Sharon Warren at DesertNanny)


S: AGS DF Farms UM Ursa Major

Cookie needed a companion when she left the DesertNanny herd, and there was another bred doe available. I snapped up Carina. I love her sweet, quirky personality. She has a lovely udder that easily milks down to nothing.


Dill’s OH Shotgun Rider 6*M AR

D: SG Dill’s BF Free 5*M EEEE92



Photo courtesy of Dill’s – A Little Goat Farm

S: Dill’s XM Old Hank +*B

Old Hank.jpg

Photo courtesy of Dill’s – A Little Goat Farm

Shotgun Rider comes from some stellar genetics at Dill’s. She is milking her little heart out this year. Her production numbers are outstanding. She is lovely, correct, and she fills the bucket like nobody’s business.


DesertNanny P Gingersnap

D: DesertNanny BBB Holiday Cookie

S: DesertNanny XO Tio Pepe

Gingersnap freshened as an absolute stunner. I cannot wait to hit the shows with her this year. She is milking like a champ.


GCH Dill’s RC Heartbreaker 5*M AR

Born 2-4-2016
D: Dill’s RD Foolish Heart 4*M

Heartbreaker attended her first shows as a second freshening two year old and quickly picked up her permanent championship. She is just gorgeous, with a socked on udder that is everything I could have wanted from her. I love me some Heartbreaker.

Show wins:

Grand Champion, Pima County Fair 2018

Grand Champion SADGA Caprine Classic 2018

Grand Champion ASGBA Memorial Day Show 2018

Linear Appraisal:

+VVV 85 (2018)


Dill’s PL Temporary Tattoo

D: SG Dill’s KJ Misstery

Dam’s photos courtesy of Dill’s a Little Goat Farm

S: Dill’s BJ Playa

I picked up this sweetheart when Dill’s was having a sale. She’s lovely and well mannered, and look at her body. She has nice capacity, and she’s easy to milk. Plus she’s a love bug, quickly becoming a favorite around here.

Linear Appraisal:

VEEV 88 (2018)


SG La Buena Vida Starburst Galaxy 1*M AR



I’m so proud to have this beautiful doe in my herd. Galaxy is long, lovely and so sweet natured. She has a buttery soft udder that milks out so easily. I love this girl.

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